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Cobra Atomizer Vapo Design ( Clone )

Price: 52.72RON 204.64RON 74 % DISCOUNT
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Are you a vaper who likes to repair and maintain his electronic cigarette on it's own ? If yes the Cobra Atomizer Clone fits you perfectly .

This atomizer has a removable resistance and it is very easy to clean . The yield is very satisfying and it can adapt to any vaper . The flavour is very good without any burnt taste

Take advantage and aquire now the Cobra Atomizer Clone at a special price .

The package includes the following :

  • Cobra Atomizer Clone
  • Drip mouthpiece 

‚ÄčTechnical specifications :

  • Thread : ego/510 ;
  • Material : Nickel
  • Length ( with mouthpiece ) : 84 mm
  • E-Liquid capacity : 3,5 ml

How to use ?

First you need to reduce the diameter of the mesh by twisting it . After that insert it completly into the cobra atomizer .

The next step is to create a circuit using a special resistant wire . Fix the wire in the positive terminal ( pin from middle ) and then twist it few times around the mesh and fix it on the negative pole (screw)

Connect the Cobra Atomizer to the battery and enjoy !


shane owen  -  13/09/2013

worth buying looks great works well but can be a pain to get going if your a learner, but when it does its ok

Rating: 4

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Accessories bag for Cobra Atomizer

Accessories bag for Cobra Atomizer

  This package with accessories for Cobra Atomizer is very usefull if you don't want to waste time with rolling the meshes . Package contains : 5 X pre-rolled meshes ( you need only to oxidate them at flame ) 5 X metres of special resistant wire 



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Pre-rolled mesh for Cobra Atomizer

Pre-rolled mesh for Cobra Atomizer

  Pre-rolled mesh for Cobra Atomizer Vapo Design .  It is recommanded to oxidate the mesh before you use it . To oxidate it , you need to keep it under a flame until it makes red and submerge it in water . Repeat this process 5-6 times.



Special key for Cobra Atomizer

Special key for Cobra Atomizer

Special key for Cobra Atomizer very useful when you clean your atomizer or you are doing any other maintaining actions .



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