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Biansi Elife Atomizer - Black and Silver

Price: 40.28RON
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Biansi Elife Atomizer - Black and Silver

Specifications :

  • Manufacturer : Biansi
  • Colors : black and silver
  • Resistance : 2.0 ohms

The Elife atomizer is another great innovation by Biansi!  This is an Authentic Biansi Product.  The Elife Atomizer comes with a 2.0 ohm atomizer coil.  The Elife atomizer has a replaceable heating coil!  When your atomizer has run its life, you don't have to replace the bottom section, nor the top section of the atomizer!  Simply replace the atomizer coil, making the Elife a very economical atomizer!  The Elife also, uses the same replaceable wicks as the Imist by Biansi. 

The Elife resistance produces a warmer vapour and great throat hit. The atomizer has improved on the Imist "clover" design which improves the wicking system and increased vapour production.

How to clean the Biansi Elife atomizer
When residue build-up becomes visibly noticeable on the heating coils, there is a noticeable difference in taste or the vapor production weakens, it is time to clean the atomizer coil.
This will usually be every 2-3 days depending on the thickness of the vapor liquid being used.
Clean the atomizer coil with USP grade isopropyl alcohol. If you notice residue on the heating coils, use a toothpick, tweezers or soft bristle tooth brush to remove it. 
NOTE: Do not damage or deform the coils of the atomizer core. Damaging or deforming the coil may cause a break or short which would permanently damage your atomizer core as well as possibly damage the battery.
How to change the Biansi Elife Wick.
Using some tweezers, grab the fiber lines all together and pull out the wick. Now grab the new wick by the fibers, and push into the atomizer wick hole. If you can pull out the wick fibers after placement, you have not put it in properly.
You can regularly clean your wick with warm water. When you notice it does not come clean, that is when you can replace it.

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Biansi Elife Atomizer Core

Biansi Elife Atomizer Core

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