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Accessories bag for Cobra Atomizer

Price: 20.93RON
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This package with accessories for Cobra Atomizer is very usefull if you don't want to waste time with rolling the meshes .
Package contains :
  • 5 X pre-rolled meshes ( you need only to oxidate them at flame )
  • 5 X metres of special resistant wire 

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Cobra Atomizer Vapo Design ( Clone )

Cobra Atomizer Vapo Design ( Clone )

DISCOUNT 49 % Are you a vaper who likes to repair and maintain his electronic cigarette on it's own ? If yes the Cobra Atomizer Clone fits you perfectly . This atomizer has a removable resistance and it is very easy to clean . The yield is very satisfying and it can adapt to any vaper . The flavour is very good without any burnt taste Take advantage and aquire now the Cobra Atomizer Clone at a special price . The package includes the following : Cobra Atomize...



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Pre-rolled mesh for Cobra Atomizer

Pre-rolled mesh for Cobra Atomizer

  Pre-rolled mesh for Cobra Atomizer Vapo Design .  It is recommanded to oxidate the mesh before you use it . To oxidate it , you need to keep it under a flame until it makes red and submerge it in water . Repeat this process 5-6 times.



Special key for Cobra Atomizer

Special key for Cobra Atomizer

Special key for Cobra Atomizer very useful when you clean your atomizer or you are doing any other maintaining actions .



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